Talk to Yourself!

Writing, for me, is just like talking to myself or feeling the emotions once again. I believe everyone needs a time of solitude with oneself. This is the time when one should try to feel one’s own emotions. I have met many people who are very calm and composed even at the most turbulent times. It has even happened to me many times. I do not respond or react in the same way as I would have been feeling inside at that moment. We all hold back ourselves at all times. But whenever we get time for a rendezvous with ourselves, we set all our emotions free. When we are happy, we might even jump around everywhere or dance in the bathroom. When we are sad, we might soak ourselves in an ocean of tears. Similarly, there is a reaction to almost every emotion one feels inside. But have we ever thought, why people do not react in reality!

We all are afraid of revealing our real self to the society. We don’t want our vulnerability to be exposed. Balancing the relationships in society has been the priority of every individual. Some people try to prioritize their relationships while others are busy making everyone else happy. But have we taken out time to ask ourselves if we are happy! We started balancing our emotions instead. We have become so analytical that we have started calculating the happiness quotient!

There is nothing wrong with being sad, angry or mad at times. There are highs and lows in Life, and it would keep happening with all of us, at least till the time we are alive. Most of us have adapted ourselves in living life by dealing with these highs and lows. The most common way of dealing with them is hiding your feelings and curbing your dreams. In the process of doing so, we even start lying to ourselves. After failures and rejections, have you not felt that you were not meant for that passion or dream? What follows is the scary low confidence which shakes you completely. You lose your direction and focus both. You get overpowered by all negative emotions. Trust me, there is no session that would bring you back to your path. Instead of running away from our emotions, we should face all different shades it ensembles. What matters more is how you can overcome the negative emotions and emerge to be a happy person. I believe, there is only one person who can guide us and make us come out of any unwanted situation and it’s we, ourselves. We all need to be true to ourselves.

The state of bliss has always been mistaken with contentment. For example, you might be satisfied with the status, success and a perfect family life, but do you think you are also happy at the same time? Happiness in my opinion, is that state of mind when you just want to live in the moment. You are carefree. You are visiting your true self.There is no magic key to happiness. Most of us do not know that it’s actually hidden within us. You just need to discover that happiness. Can one identify that one reason that gives happiness in life and devote some time towards it every day? I guess if we add little elements from our passions into the daily routine, it will bring a sense of happiness to us every day. It will help us in understanding about our inner strengths. That, in turn, would help to mend up our broken state of minds. So, talk to yourself to find out what is missing from your life and help yourself as well as your loved ones.


9 thoughts on “Talk to Yourself!

  1. It is true that we are so engaged in everything that we think we are happy in routine not knowing what our happiness actually is


  2. Nicely written. We look for happiness around , sometimes living in perception that we are happy but not knowing where are happiness is.


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