The cool breeze around, blooming of yellow daffodils and clear blue skies had marked the advent of the most awaited spring season. There was a sense of exhilaration in our minds. My daughter was super excited because this season marked her approaching birthday also. After a long dull winter of England, we were all so relaxed with the sunny and bright mornings. The nature also looked so elated in wearing her new hues as if even she would have been craving for the same since ages! But the best part of the season was that it brought us closer to our home.

Life is easy here. The British people around are very warm and friendly. You will not feel afraid of talking to strangers here. Doubt in your minds is the last thought to come. You have complete freedom of everything. Unlike our country wherein you are judged for every little action. A country which is your own, but unfortunately, it’s the country wherein doubt and fear are the predominant feelings in our minds. Staying here, has given me so much time to ponder upon the differences that exist. We are a country blessed with so many languages, food, culture, literature, festivals and natural beauty. We have a moderate climate and beautiful landscapes be it mountains, sea beaches, deserts or marshes.

What is it that goes missing from our country? Why each of us feel that nothing can change in our country? Why most of us feel that if you need to grow or succeed you need to hunt on a foreign land? Why is Britain, Europe, US or Australia still a land of dreams for most Indian youths. Because trust me… even in this beautiful country with no social issues like those of our home country, I feel so left out. This really made me think deeply…. About the land where I belong to.

I was going to pick my daughter from school that afternoon when someone approached me asking if I was also an Indian! To find someone from your country talking to you in the same language and discussing the same feelings on a foreign land gives you a sense of belonging. You feel so comforted to be in your own cocoon because however close it is inside, its warm and belongs to you. It’s this sense of “calling it your own” that has been missing from our countrymen. We all know how to claim our country and perks, but most of us don’t know how to own and respect the perks. It has been years now since we have been blaming our fate of being slaves for so many years. We became independent 70 years back, but in real sense have we become really independent?

We are still not free from the age old social prejudices. I will not make my thoughts become repetitive by mentioning those evils again here. What I mean here is that lets liberate our thoughts first and make our country a better place to live in. There is no point in blaming others for being a hindrance in our growth. India is expected to have 34.33% share of youth in total population by 2020. This is the perfect time to give a clear direction to our country. The pace that is set today will determine the position of our country in coming years. Being another Indian youth, I believe that if each of us become more pragmatic in our thoughts and approach it will not be difficult to bring the change. It’s well said that if you want to bring the change you need to be the change. We have been treating our country in the same way as we treat our moms. We take her for granted every day and only realise her worth when we are in pain or she is not around.

As far as I am concerned, only when I crossed the country’s border I realised that I am an Indian first and it’s the land where me and my dreams belong to. The work commitments have thrown us so far from home, and despite of all resources we are longing to go back to our land. A land of my dreams, a land of respect for each other, a land without doubt and fear, a land of equal opportunities for all and a land of love and warmth. Is it not a dream of every youth today?


37 thoughts on “TO THE LAND I BELONG

  1. It is a food for thought indeed… Beautifully penned down…Simple yet thought provoking…👍👍…good read…


  2. Very nicely written Sunny! I like the comparison of country and Mom! We take both for granted and the by the time we realize their value, most times it’s too late! Hope you come back to your land of dreams one day and give back what you expected it to give you! Cheers!


  3. A well written emotion of almost every Indian. I wonder if thsi youth start treating it’s own country the way it treats other.. it will be a paradise to live in.


  4. Very eloquently expressed . I’ve often wondered why Indians crave to leave their motherland despite so many opportunities today. Enjoy your stay and come back soon.😊 Keep writing.


  5. So we finally have a start here 👍. The debut is always special, so do cherish & don’t miss out on the learning!
    The illustration was lucid with a good balance of vocabulary & content. The start was refreshing, but then the flow rambled a little bit. Subtle use of figures inbetween. I’ll sum it up as a good start… keep writing!!


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